TIES Projects Funded by Viaduct Foundation

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Viaduct Foundation is a Canadian registered charity supporting education in the world’s least developed countries. We currently support projects by TIES (Technology In Education Society) donating innovative technology and providing scholarships. Please enter your email address to learn more about the TIES projects that we support.

TIES projects funded by Viaduct Foundation include:

  • Support for indigenous girls through high school scholarships at Ak’ Tenamit School in Guatemala.
  • Gift of RACHEL systems and tablets to CAUSE Canada programs in Sierra Leone.
  • Kenya university scholarship program for girls who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial need.
  • Donation of NowLights to students in Sarstun, Guatemala.

Viaduct Foundation funded a TIES field test of NowLights in Guatemala in 2021. The NowLight is a human or solar powered generator/battery unit that can be used to provide light or charge mobile devices in areas that are off-grid. Another deployment of more “Lights for Learning” is being planned.

Viaduct Foundation funds the TIES high school scholarship program at Ak’ Tenamit School in the Sarstun area of Guatemala on an ongoing basis. TIES supports indigenous Mayan girls in their vocational training programs. The scholarships cover tuition, room & board, and healthcare.

Since 2021, TIES has used a portion of its funding from Viaduct Foundation for RACHELs in Sierra Leone. Remote Area Community Hotspots for Education and Learning are small, battery powered devices used to deliver education resources to communities without internet access.

Viaduct Foundation’s funding is used by TIES towards their Kenya university scholarships program. The scholarships are not awarded for the highest marks, but are for young women who would otherwise be unable to attend university due to financial hardship.

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Since 2021, Viaduct Foundation has funded projects by TIES (Technology In Education Society). TIES is a Canadian registered charity and is therefore what the CRA calls a “qualified donee”. Donations made to Viaduct Foundation using the big, red “Donate Now” button at the top of the page will be directed to one of the TIES projects when we do our annual funding. Make sure that you select “Viaduct Foundation Fund for TIES Projects”. To donate to a specific project, please include a private message in the donation form.

Donors who are not Canadian taxpayers can often get a tax receipt for their donation by giving directly to a TIES project through Global Giving. Visit the TIES “Donate from US or Worldwide” page for details